What are the Basu sisters supposed to do?

Every day, Sakyu and Inkyu will have a voiced conversation. They will talk about the school’s rules or the school’s history. Eavesdropping will let the player learn more about the lore. However, if the player does something that causes drama at school, then the sisters will talk about the recent drama instead of school history.

How old is Yandere-chan?

To prevent the game from being banned in countries that forbid the depiction of minors in certain situations, Yandere-chan’s age might only be written as “??” and might never be revealed.

Senpai is 18, and is one school year above Yandere-chan.

What is Senpai’s sister like?

The original concept for Senpai’s sister was a super perverted, super lewd, super “jailbaity” girl who tries to seduce her big brother. The current concept is that she is an extremely clingy, childish, emotionally dependent girl who constantly begs her brother for attention.