What’s with Oka Ruto?

One of Yandere-chan’s rivals will be the President of the Occult Club. She will be named Oka Ruto. She will not be present at school for the first few weeks of the game. While she is absent, a member of the Occult Club will act as her substitute. The substitute will allow you to join the club and participate in club activities while the leader is absent.

What modes are planned?

The number of modes in the final game may depend on the success of the game’s crowdfunding campaign, which will determine the game’s budget.

  • Story Mode
  • 1980s Mode
  • Endless Mode
  • Scenario Editor Mode

How do you get a clean uniform?

You will have to steal uniforms from showering students. Alternatively, you could give panty shots to Info-chan in exchange for a clean uniform. If you’re a member of the Sewing Club, you’ll have access to infinite clean uniforms.

How long would it take to beat the game?

If you don’t care how much evidence you leave behind, or what ending you get, you could probably beat the game in under an hour. If you play the game “properly” instead of being sloppy & speed-running, I think that a play-through could last up to 10 hours. If you try to find every collectible, max out every skill, earn all Achievements, and obtain every ending, then you might spend at least 75 hours playing the game.

Who is the girl standing under the tree?

The girl who stands under the tree is “Rival-chan”. She represents the concept of a rival, and exists so that I can test the “red outline” feature of Yandere Vision. The first official rival, Osana Najimi, will have a different appearance.

Why doesn’t the school have security cameras?

The school cares about its reputation too much to install security cameras. They don’t want to create the image of a school where students are in danger, or need protection or surveillance. If it is judged that the game is too easy without security cameras, then the lore will change and cameras will be added.

Why would Senpai ever run after a masked killer and rip the mask off?

Because the game is still in development, Senpai’s personality is not yet set in stone.

It is likely that some NPCs will have unique reactions to seeing a loved one get murdered. For example, if you murder a character’s sibling right in front of them, they may attack you regardless of their personality.

I imagine Senpai as the type of person who would normally be gentle and prefer solitude, but upon witnessing a masked killer, would feel enraged at the cowardly act of killing another person while hiding one’s own identity, and would unmask the killer without regard for his own safety – especially if the masked killer just murdered his childhood friend or little sister.